More than a social organization: Neighbors who care

The objective of the McPherson Town Historical Society is to unite those interested in the preservation, restoration and improvement of McPherson Town.

Through the work of the McPherson Town Historic Society several public improvements have been made to the neighborhood. The urban pioneers, who founded the Society in 1977, united residents around planting more than 200 trees. Perhaps the most innovative project is the unique system of landscaped cul-de-sacs and brick crosswalks to provide a safe environment for residents.

MTHS is also a very social organization, keeping our neighborhood active and close-knit.

McPherson Town Historical Society Membership Information

Membership Dues are $10/person. Each paid person is a voting member and may vote on any motions that are brought to the floor during a McPherson Town Meeting.

picnic kidsAll McPherson Town meetings are the first Thursday of the Month, in the neighborhood meeting room in the basement of the Hawthorne school apartments at 226 McDaniel Street.

  • Yearly memberships are from June 1 – May 31.
  • Yearly Officer roles are also from June 1 – May 31.

There are 4 classes of Membership:

  • Residents
  • Non-Resident Property Owners
  • Business or Institution
  • Honorary