4th Annual Chili Cookoff Spices Up Fall in McPT

Once again McPherson Town residents proved their talents run deep; deep to the bottom of crock pots!

Thirteen chili recipes were sampled (devoured, rather) at the 4th Annual McPherson Town Chili Cook-off on Saturday, Oct. 9. It was an especially broad and tasty field this year.

Taking the gold ladle was a Wild West Chili featuring whiskey-marinated buffalo meat. Only a bean behind in the voting was a White Chicken Chili. The bronze ladle went to the No Veggie (Wink, Wink) Chili.

Congratulations winners! It was evening of great fun, demonstrating again why McPherson Town is filled with the best neighbors in Dayton.

One thought on “4th Annual Chili Cookoff Spices Up Fall in McPT

  1. I LOVE your area and activities. I am a Dayton native who’s lived “away” for 32 years. I was “home” two summers ago and visited McPhersontown. I wanted to buy a house there on the spot. In fact, doing some genealogy research, I found that my great great grandmother lived in McPherson in the 1880’s. I congratulate you urban pioneers who have reclaimed the historic areas and made them bloom. You truly are a community – – – a small town within a big city. Keep up the good work, and enjoy Dayton for all of us expats.

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