Sound walls: A holiday gift for McPherson Town

Proposed sound wall rendering

View before sound wall construction

The Ohio Department of Transportation has recently finished erecting noise abatement walls along I-75 on the west and north borders of McPherson Town. These solid noise walls not only reduced the sound from passing traffic, they also look great and give the neighborhood a cozy feel.

The relief on the I-75 side has the greatest depth (3 inches). This is because the wall is viewed at higher speeds by vehicular traffic. The pedestrian side has a shallower relief (½ inch). This is because local and pedestrian traffic views the wall at slower speeds and there is the possibility of the wall being obscured by vegetation. This concept was reached by concensus between ODOT and Dayton city officials.

Final Sound Walls

The walls not only reduce noise by up to ten decibels — an audible halving of the noise — but help to block dirt from the road.

McPherson Town thanks ODOT and the City of Dayton for their cooperation in getting the walls in place!

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